Microbreak Body

microbreak Body is a desk-based tool that combines the concept of microbreaking (short regular breaks throughout the day to increase productivity) with a series of stretches and desk-based exercises, focused on reducing the impact of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) at work.

Benefit from microbreakbody

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Reduce Pain and


Increase Productivity &


Promote Mobility In
The Workplace

Helps create a happier, healthier workplace

microbreak Body & Mind software helps mitigate the risk of preventable workplace absences that costs businesses billions of pounds every year.

Features of microbreak Body



Guided animation shows each activity step by step

Each activity includes an animated window which shows how to carry out each activity and explains to you the benefits and mechanics of each activity. The animated window includes a video, visual directions, written directions and a timer.


Schedule Microbreaks

Specify the frequency of the activities

Tailor the frequency of your microbreaks to suit your working style and demands, the optimum time between microbreak is between 20 - 30 minutes.


Tailored Activity Profile

Target specific areas of the body

Microbreak Body adapts the selection and frequency of activities based on your needs. Using the information you enter in the User Profile Wizard, microbreak Body will automatically create a tailored profile with over 80 different activities to benefit your physical wellbeing.


Pain Avoidance

Specify areas of the body to exclude activities

Some injuries or disabilities may be worsened by carrying out an exercise in the targeted area. Using the Pain Avoidance tool will enable you to identify areas for the program to exclude.

Manage your health at work with physical and mental micro activities

Microbreak is a user-friendly app with workplace focused activities to help reduce stress, anxiety and physical tension at work. Microbreak allows you to relieve stress and boost productivity, taking as many little breaks as you may need without distracting you from your work.